Grand March vs. Grand Entrance

The Grand March

The concept of the Grand March started in the Midwest. As a large majority of wedding guests were from the farming community, many were unable to attend a wedding until after dinner. The dance portion of the evening really became the time to introduce your wedding party to your guests, generally taking place 60-90 minutes into the dance. The Grand March idea has now spread much farther than the Midwest. With today’s economy many couples are choosing to invite a select number of people for the ceremony and dinner and asking others to just attend the reception. Having a Grand March then introduces your wedding party to all the newly arrived guests.

Now the Grand March has evolved into a musical, costume wearing, dancing, Tunnel of Love event. It gives your wedding guests a chance to take a break from all that dancing and get them excited for the events that usually follow the Grand March, such as, the bouquet and garter toss.

In talking with our couples, the overwhelming reason given by those that choose not to do a Grand March is that they do not want to interrupt or take their guests away from dancing.

The Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance is generally a much more formal event. The wedding party is gathered somewhere outside of the reception hall as guests are being seated for dinner. Then the DJ introduces each couple while a fun and lighthearted song plays in the background. You can choose to use just first names, or first and last, or some choose to include who these people are ie: Cousin of the bride or Friend of the couple. No dance floor for this intro, the couples weave their way through the dinner tables to take their place at the front of the room. With all of guests focusing on the wedding party and the newly married couple; the couple can take this opportunity to cut their cake and maybe even have their first dance. Be aware, however, that at this point your guests are hungry and the staff is patiently waiting to serve dinner. Keep your entrance contained to a quick and easy production so that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves, including the happy couple!

Whichever you choose, make it your own; make it a reflection of who you are