The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

You begin to look for, try on and attempt to find that one dress…the one that enhances your beauty and makes him lose his breath every time he looks at you. You’ve seen it in the magazines or maybe your favorite star wore it at their wedding, or it’s on the rack of your local wedding dress shop; you look at the price tag and nearly fall over as it costs more than your entire wedding budget. If only there were a place to get that dress for less…check out the links below, you will find styles from the truly Classic to Ultra Modern, from $250 to $15,000.

Preowned Wedding Dresses ( – Dresses here are sold by either the bride (wedding pictures galore!) or by boutiques looking to get rid of extra stock at sample sale prices. Either way, you win!

OnceWed ( – What’s to love most about this site? Probably the huge supply of brides in the dresses they’re selling, so you can see the real sizes of the dress on a real girl.  Plus, the prices appear to be on par with the other competing sites. Plus, OnceWed has a pretty awesome blog for brides-to-be.

Tradesy ( – This site seems to have a TON of options for you to choose from. Like many of the other sites, the vast majority of dresses are being sold by the bride who bought/wore them, so you can ask a ton of questions.

Nearly Newlywed ( – Their site states: “Nearly Newlywed is the world’s leading online destination for the most beautiful, unique bridal gowns in the world.”

Whichever you choose it is clear that you can save yourself some $$ and get the dress that is totally you, and have extra to spend on…Hmm, I don’t know maybe that GREAT DJ you wanted!