We offer three types of photo booths: the Traditional, Open Aire, and Mirror Me. At the end of the night, all silly and serious shots will be printed and saved for your enjoyment forever.

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Our Mirror Me Magic Mirror is Michigan's most luxury and glamorous selfie photo booth. This mirror captures full-length photos using a reflective touchscreen. Strike a pose. Customize pictures using the on-screen paint pad. Print your pics in less than 10 seconds. Want personalization? You got it. You'll have access to features like signing your name on the mirror, motion activation, event logo stamps, emojis, and more!

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Great sound quality and music that keeps your dance floor busy is only half of the show. Everything must look amazing as well! Our professionals can highlight the room with pinspots or uplights and even wash your walls in millions of colors. Want to accept your head table with custom draping? No problem! Anything you envision, we will make happen.

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